Five Bell & Howell inserters including B&H Master mailers allow us to handle jobs of any volume and into envelope sizes up to 9" by 12". Our line of inkjet systems offers direct impression addressing in high-speed modes and high volume laser quality printing. We also provide high volume folding, bursting, tabbing, live stamp affixing, labeling as well as custom hand assembly. Intelligent Accumulator Folders are able to collate and fold sets up to 15 pages.

Letter Shop Services

  • Inkjet Addressing: Variable Data, IMB, Images, Barcodes
  • Tabbing: Single pass multi tabs
  • Stamp affixing
  • Envelope Inserting: 1 to 5 inserts by machine and unlimited by hand
  • Folding, Accumulate Folding: Single or multi page collate and fold
  • 2D or OMR Intelligent Folding: Intelligent folding based on page marker, barcode on page or page counting
  • Paper Cutting: Multi-up letters, Postcards, Labels, Business Cards
  • Inventory: Paper, Envelope, Project Media
  • Manual tasks: Special jobs require delicate handling, Quality Control, Folding, inserting, collating, assembly, matching, sealing, tabbing


  • Bell Howell Multi Pocket Inserters (5)
  • B&H Master Mailer (2)
  • GBR Accumulator with MBO folder (4)
  • Profold Hurricane High Speed intelligent folder (1)
  • Air feed folder (2)
  • VideoJet Inkjet (3)
  • Friction Feeder (10)
  • KR Tabbing Machine (4)
  • Infrared Dryer (4)
  • Paper Cutter (2)